These are the days....

Hey friends! The past month or so I've really felt the pull to get back on the blog. And here I am, finally sitting down to hopefully crank something out before all the kids wake up. So what have the Starbucks been up to? A lot!

We just moved again. What a surprise! Hopefully this is it for awhile but since I keep saying that and we still keep moving I'm just going to tell you that we love our new place. Lots of open space, natural light, wood floors, white walls etc. an Instagram dream really.... But in all seriousness, it's quite perfect for us and it'd easy to see that it was meant for be. 

My new office and studio! Needs some work haha

My new office and studio! Needs some work haha

Ok so baby Emma... Emma, she's 7 months now and still has the most gorgeous blue eyes. Her hair is still blonde and her leg rolls are delicious. She's got two bottom teeth and prefers to chew on books over anything else, much like her brother Peter did when he was a baby. Her laugh is just the sweetest and she lights up around her siblings.

Aria, or "Angry Aria" will be 2 in just a few weeks. No idea how that happened. Aria is obsessed with all things Frozen and loves to read books. You will often find her with a sippy cup filled to the top with almond milk. Aria really is very sweet and her laugh is contagious. She's just a tough cookie (and a little sassy) but would we really expect anything else with two older brothers? Of course not.

James is still our cuddly little "Jamie Bear". He LOVES the little bit of preschool work we do at home and is often sad when it's over. His favorite Marvel Superhero is Ironman and favorite DC hero is Superman. Oh and his favorite Ninja Turtle is Leonardo. He is still our best eater 90% of the time. He's like the really rolly puppy in 101 Dalmatians "Momma I'm hungry...."on repeat all day long. He is definitely a gentle soul and even the slightest bit of teasing from his brother makes him cry. James has still not figured out that he could very easily take Peter down.

And Peter....My oldest child. Oh the tide is changing. Peter is filled with questions about everything, stories about anything, and absorbs ALL THE THINGS. We have to be so careful now about what his little ears hear. There are already things we've had to explain that we thought we had more time on...It's a joy to see him grow up and thirst for knowledge but Andrew and I are all too soon realizing what our children are up against in today's society. Sorry, didn't mean to get all doom and gloom. Anyway..... Peter loves to build with his Legos or draw pictures in his notebook. Andrew and I can actually tell what his drawings are now and it is mind blowing. Didn't we just bring him home from the hospital?!

Speaking of Andrew.... that man you guys....he puts up with so much of my shenanigans. But it goes both ways so it's a good thing we found each other. But in all seriousness, he is very supportive and helpful in all my endeavors and is just such a wonderful father to our kids. So wonderful that I literally feel like I'm losing my mind when 6:00 p.m. rolls around and he isn't home from work yet and I'm frantically calling him to check on his ETA. He's still working away at Starbuck Design (Check out hat smokin' new website he did!) and enjoying his position as Associate Youth Minister over at St. Thomas the Apostle. He is SO GOOD at youth ministry and his passion for those teens and God is one of the many reasons I fell in love with him. Does it make for some difficult nights during the week? Oh for sure. But you know "offer it up" amIright?Doesn't make it any easier but I know that there's only grace and mercy flowing. Even if I can't see it/feel it during the 13th melt down of that day he's working late at the church.

Mmmmkayyy. I digress. As per usual. And now me!!! Let me start by saying.... I am not pregnant. It's around that time when people start asking and hinting (which is fine, you're bound to be right at some point). So in case you were wondering... I am not. Ok now on to other stuff. I'm obviously trying to get back to blogging woot! I'm IN LOVE with our new house and I'm already dreaming ways to decorate it. If you're a small shop with decor items, drop your link in the comments! I'd love to support small businesses as opposed to you know...big ones. I've done a few recent projects that were a lot of fun. Hoping to get those here on the blog so I can share them! The LuLaRoe biz is going well too. I love how I can unite my creativity with my love for clothes. The new house actually has a room for all the LuLaRoe which is nice. If you're local, let me know if you want to drop in and try some stuff on. So you know, just raising four children and running two side hustles. No big deal. We've been doing Dave Ramsey and we like to joke that LLR is my "Dave Job" lol. But in all actuality? It only makes sense that I have so much going on. It's just my personality. I love working hard, being creative, and pushing myself. If I didn't have LFS and/or LLR, I'd probably go crazy. I'm a better mom because I have these things that are all my own. When I've completely pored myself out as a mother, I recharge by doing a photoshoot during nap time. Or blog! Like I am now!

So here's to hopefully some more posts within the next month. I've really missed this and it feels like the right time to jump back in...