A Little Update (Part 2)

Ok so the fact that I told you I’d have the second update up later in the week and it’s barely getting up now should be very telling.

Life is keeping us on our toes that’s for sure. We moved into the new house just a few days before Christmas because we’re crazy. We had a ton of help from family and friends that made it all possible.

The kids are settling into the new place nicely. We definitely had to deal with some sleep and potty regression due to all the change. They love the stairs and the little yard out front. They are growing so fast. That whole “time hop” app on facebook is really cool but it also freaks me out to see pictures from just a few years ago that still feel like yesterday...Andrew posted one the other night of Peter at about 7 months. I just couldn’t believe that the little baby in that picture is my now almost 4 year old. Like how does that even happen?! Peter is growing into such a wonderful kid. He’s  a great big brother and he helps me as much as he can. And sometimes he doesn’t. He is independent and stubborn as well as sweet and kind. He loves building with legos and watching Star Wars. He has started to really dive into imagination play. It’s so cool to see him pretend to be in another world. Both boys are fully potty trained which is awesome. We totally did not plan on training James but he must do everything Peter does so he followed big brother. I’m sure the m&m’s only played a small role in his motivation.

However, as most two year olds will do, he was the one who had some regression with the potty when we moved. Which I think proves that waiting until three is best but that’s just me. He seems to have it all together again which is nice. Very very nice… So like I said, James loves to do whatever Peter is doing. Though they’re a year apart they very much act like twins most of the time. James looks up to Peter so much and still has no idea that he could totally take his older brother in wrestling. Peter is in for a big surprise when James finally realizes this. James is foundly known as our “Jamie Bear” mainly because he is so teddy bear like but also because of his love for cuddling. James LOVES books and his favorite is “The Gym Teacher From The Black Lagoon”. His favorite food is ketchup. Pretty sure I saw him dipping his tomatoes in ketchup which says a lot. Both boys are very loving and protective with Aria but she and James definitely have a special bond.

Aria turned one back in December. Feels like just yesterday I was blogging about her impending arrival and now here we are. She got hit with the flu bug the worst and on top of that is cutting some molars, so as you can imagine, this past week has been a BLAST. She seems to be on the mend now which is good. Aria walks a little here and there but still prefers to crawl or scoot on her bottom. And she’s a climber. Aria will climb on everything and nearly give me a heart attack at least once a day. She loves Peter and James so much it’s ridiculous. She loves being near them and playing with them. She already gets so hurt when they push her away from their lego castle or superhero battle. For Christmas I got her a few very girly toys and it should come as no surprise that she hates them (except the fake lipstick, she LOVES that). Aria definitely prefers cars and tools to her fake purse which is totally fine by me. Aria will sit on my lap (or what’s left of it) and tap her baby sister like a drum, like James before her, and Peter before him…. I tell her that she’s going to have a baby sister and she just smiles. Proof that she has no idea a little human is on the way to rock her world.

Ahhhh yes, on to the newest little Starbuck. As usual we found out the sex and it’s another little girl! I’m really excited for two boys and two girls and the fun dynamics that will entail. We still don’t have a name picked out. We have a couple front runners but nothing is decided just yet. I’m 30 weeks tomorrow and she’s currently three little pounds. At yesterday’s ultrasound they saw that she’s still butt down. Which isn’t a big deal. She’s got plenty of time to turn and all my babies usually flip around 32 weeks. She is a VERY active baby, not quite as much as Aria was, but still way more than the boys (they were kinda lazy in utero). My official due date is April 21st but I’m sure she’ll follow suit with her siblings and arrive a few days early. April still seems so far away….. but that’s just the third trimester for you. Seemingly never ending.

For me this pregnancy has been pretty standard. I know the drill by now. The kids keep me busy so I don’t have a ton of time to focus on how tired or crappy I feel. Which I suppose is good in the long run. Little Flower Studios is going well. I accidentally took a bit of a step back over the holidays but that turned out to be for the best. I was able to refocus and decide on some coming changes. As usual I have about a billion other projects I’d like to start so I’m just praying and discerning which ones I’m being called to pursue. I also picked up a little side work selling Rodan+Fields. The products are really helping with my sun spots (from all my years swimming outside) and pregnancy brown spots and Andrew really likes the line for men. He actually uses it which is saying a lot. The body lotion has been huge for Peter’s eczema and for that I am really thankful. Just shoot me a message if you’re curious about the products or even the business side of R+F. It’s really really nice to have a little extra income each month to put towards debt.

Andrew has been up to all his usual shenanigans. He’s busy working away at Starbuck Design (which is now on Insta!) and doing his youth minister thing at our parish. He puts in a lot of long days and late nights which is hard. But I’m “trying” to be a little less cranky with him about it and a lot more thankful for how hard he is working for our family. He’s also still turning out shirts at Mantled, which make great Easter basket fillers I might add…. In addition to working so hard for our family he’s also growing into this incredible Dad. Andrew has a lot of good parenting instincts (which I have found to be very impressive) and he also continues to blow me away with his love for the kids. He’s also super patient with them. Like crazy patient. I am not so patient. Which is one of the many reasons we make such a good team. The other day he knew I had been through alot  (and my patience exhausted) so he came home with a milkshake, dark chocolate, and popcorn. He loves me well.

So yeah. That’s where we’re at. Living this blessed (so blessed I dare say) yet messy life one day at a time and giving thanks for every crazy moment.