Surprise Sale

Happy Wednesday Friends!

Yesterday all my Lookbook subscribers were the first to know about the surprise sale going on! Now it’s your turn! Back in the fall I ran a special for custom stock photos. I had so much fun getting to work with some awesome small businesses (graphic designers, financial advisors, and papiere shops) and I’m looking forward to all that AGAIN! What does the package include?

It’s four custom stock photos for just $50. You tell me what you’re looking for as far as props and color schemes go. You can also send me inspiration boards and examples of what you’d like. Then I get to work! *I’ll put together four custom images just for you. No one else will have these photos!

What are custom stock images best used for? Custom images tell your brand story and no one else’s. Can you get stock images (even free ones online)? Sure. But are they tailored to your specific needs? Not likely. With custom images your brand stays right on point. Use these images for your brand new website or maybe to refresh your current site! Send the photos in your newsletter, set them up as your social media banners, or use them to advertise your business on your social media accounts. The options are endless.

How do you get started? Just fill out the form below or send me an email at!

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Here are some examples from the last round! Can’t wait to work with you!

*Due to the nature of this sale there are no revisions to the final four photos. If you would like revisions it will be at an additional charge. Thank you!