Venti Sized Starbuck Life Update

Not much has been going on over here. Nothing life changing or anything like that....

Oh wait.

If you follow me on social media you will have seen that we added another band member to our little group. Emma Clare was born on April 15 in the early afternoon. I'll have her birth story up soon because its a GOOD one. Let's just say it involves doing lunges around the outside of the hospital, confetti, the University of Michigan, tattoos, and only four minutes of pushing. Yeah it's a good one.

Anyway.... Life as we knew it changed that day Emma was born. We were suddenly Starbuck Party of 6. Even typing it out on this post is a little surreal. I wasn't worried at all about how the boys would handle the new baby. Which is why I wasn't surprised when they immediately began to shower her with kisses and hugs and tell me how much they love her. I WAS surprised when Peter started asking for a baby brother like two days after I got home from the hospital. What do I even say to that?! Most of the time when he asks I just stare at him slightly bewildered and say "ok". Then he does a happy dance.  I mean it is a REALLY cute dance.

Aria was the one I was the most concerned about with the new baby but she's actually been fantastic. She loves to kiss and hug baby Emma just as much as the boys. I think she saw how they reacted to their new sister and she followed their lead. It is also amazing how BIG Aria seems now. Like she's full on toddler and it's great but sometimes I miss little baby Aria. She has a new found interest in all her baby dolls. She'll pretend to change their diapers and carry them by the leg around the house (that is NOT learned behavior I can assure you).

I dislike the term "good baby" because what's a "bad baby"?! Babies can't be bad. Babies are hard but not bad. But to answer the question "is she a good baby?" Yes she is. God has blessed us with a pretty chill fourth child. She sleeps in good chunks at night and even enjoys tummy time. She has golden hair, dark blue eyes, and olive skin. Yeah she's headed to the convent for sure. I'm kidding....Only a little. 

Life is certainly crazy (you can see glimpses on my snapchat account "susiecat7") and I mean like really crazy. My kitchen is always dirty, I don't remember what the floor of the living room looks like, and the crumbs underneath our table are feeding a small family of ants. But for all the crazy...Life is GOOD. Seeing my four children together fills my heart with so much thankfulness and joy. We get a lot of pity comments when we are out and about with all the kids but occasionally someone will stop me and say "you are so blessed". With tears building in my eyes, I reply "yes I am".

I'm hoping to be back here more often. I've missed blogging and now I can stay up past 7:00 so that's encouraging. I've got some fun things in the works coming your way and I can't wait to share them. I'm easing back into work but I am booking projects for June and July so if you're ready to work together send me a message and let's do it!

With full hands and a full heart,