If You Give A Bride A Bobby Pin...

You know those books "If You Give A Mouse A Cookie..." or "If You Give A Moose A Muffin...". My kids LOVE those books. This week we are getting ready for my best friend's wedding and I couldn't help but start a little thinking about "If You Give A Bride A Bobby Pin...

She'll want some hairspray to go with it.

Then she'll ask for some perfume to hide the smell of the hairspray.

After that she'll ask for a glass of water.

Then she'll remember that she needs to get her bouquet out of the vase for photos...."

Well. You get the idea. On my wedding day, one of my lovely bridesmaids decided to put together a little "emergency kit" for my big day because you never know what you'll need or what's going to happen on the big day. With the help of a few friends and Paige Deaner of Without A Hitch Wedding we complied a list of things to put in the kit for your lovely bride to be.

Small packs of tissues
Band aids (especially for blisters)
Fashion tape
White chalk
Lacy socks
Men's socks
Allergy meds
Eye drops
Contact solution
Pearl head straight pins in white and black
Floral tape
Floral wire
White silk ribbon
2 nice pens
A white satin padded hanger (dress photos- photographers ALWAYS use the ugly plastic hanger)
White gloves (people handling the dress sometimes get it dirty)
Tide sticks
Hand wipes
One time use tooth brushes
Phone charger
Safety pins
Clear nail polish
Double-sided tape

Hope this list helps! Now it's time to get my best friend MARRIED!

Full hands, full heart,