Wedding Weekend Behind The Scenes

Over the weekend my best friend got married. I had the pleasure of being her matron of honor, Peter and James were ring bearers, and Aria was the flower girl. It was really a lovely weekend but it definitely presented some challenges too. Consider this a "behind the scenes" post. You see, I took (and posted) a lot of nice pictures over the course of the weekend but I felt it would be fun to give you a little bit of the "bigger picture". Because anyone with a brain knows that I'm incredibly good at cropping and filtering. 

A few months back I had purchased a bridesmaids dress that I was "certain" would fit me at 5 weeks postpartum. But did not. So that left me scrambling for a new dress the week before the wedding. Thankfully ASOS pulled through for me. With the dress finally taken care of and the kids outfits all set, I began to breath a little easier (literally, because now I could actually breath in my dress).

The weekend started off with the rehearsal on Friday. That went fairly well. The kids managed to make it down the aisle at least once. The second time, Aria found it hilarious to keep falling over and taking her brothers down with her. Knowing that anything was possible for these guys on the actual day of, I just laughed it off and hoped for a better tomorrow. The rehearsal dinner was outside for a gorgeous night under the starts and the food was delicious. It was such a lovely intimate gathering with the bride and groom. Peter and James ate their weight in chips and Aria ended up just eating spoonfuls of guacamole and stealing James' lemonade. After dinner Andrew and I spent the rest of the time making sure the kids didn't run into a cactus or get bitten by giant ants (these ants were HUGE). And of course, during the super heartfelt speeches by friends and family members, Aria decided it was a good idea to take a giant poop in her diaper (I lead a glamours life, what can I say?). After Andrew took one for the team and changed Aria, we rounded up the rest of the clan, said our goodbyes, and took the kids home for a (hopefully) good night of sleep before the big day.

The morning of we were driving out towards the venue, when Aria Started throwing up. Everything in that tiny little tummy was now all over her and her carseat. At this point I'm trying to figure out if she just cried so hard she threw up, or if we actually had a flu on our hands. We pulled into a little gas station and began damage control. While Andrew wiped Aria off (when she really needed to be hosed down) I started to attack the carseat with baby wipes (baby wipes are like my Windex, it cures everything). Scrubbing vomit off of every crevice of her belt buckles was not quite how I had envisioned the morning starting off. Pretty soon baby Emma was screaming her head off,  Peter was crying because he had accidentally broken off Bumble Bee's arm and there was no fixing it, and James just patiently watched the chaos unfold in front of him.

We finally made it to the venue and the rest of the morning/afternoon proceeded as scheduled. Turns out Aria was just so mad she made herself throw up (her teenage years are gonna be a blast). After I was ready, it was finally time to get the kids dressed and looking adorable. I had no idea if they'd even make it down the aisle but at least they were going to look cute. So once they were all dressed we met up with of the rest of the bridal party for some pictures which they refused to be in. Yay. I mean they made it into a few? I think? But Aria was crying, Peter was camera shy, James was NOT camera shy, so I have no idea what that's going to look like. 

After pictures we had a little down time before the ceremony began. We went back to the room, I covered the kids in oversized t-shirts to protect their nice clothes and gave them a snack. This was it. We were almost to the finish line...The kids managed to stay fairly clean, Andrew combed the boys hair for like the billionth time that day, and even though baby Emma spit up all over me a mere thirty minutes before the wedding started, I was feeling pretty good about it all.


The set up for the wedding was simply breathtaking and I can't wait to see the professional pictures! The ceremony began, the wedding party was down the aisle and was time for the littles to walk down. They made it about five steps before Aria decided to play the falling game again. It was cute. The kids were giggling and the guests chuckling, again, some more pictures I'm looking forward to seeing. Then Andrew scooped up Aria about halfway and then Peter and James ran the rest of the way. So when Peter had told me that he wanted to be a ring cheetah...he in fact got his wish.

The ceremony was graceful and the vows from the bride and groom wrote were tear jerkers. After that we moved into the cocktail hour where the kids were able to run around happily in the grass and drink all the strawberry lemonade they could. I of course, enjoyed a margarita. Two. Two margarita's. From there we moved onto a delicious dinner. The air was so fresh and full of electricity for the newly weds. The kids miraculously held it together and were perfectly content with their chicken fingers and french fries. Nothing short of a wedding miracle.

Around 8:30 my in laws came by and took the kids back to our casita so that Andrew and I could enjoy the rest of the party. It was so great to see so many friends from college and especially seeing everyone so happy spending time together after all these years.. And while it was a challenging weekend, it was so worth it. A huge thank you to the bride, my bff, for putting up with the crazy train that is our little family.

Full hands, full heart,