Weekend Notes

I hope everyone had a great weekend! I know that we did. Want to know how I know? Because our Monday has been terrible! Lot's of whining, crying, and fighting. All the byproducts of a great weekend filled with family, friends, and too much sugar. But here we are, pushing through our case of the "mondays" and hoping for a better start tomorrow. 

Saturday started off with me out the door to the first session of the Creative Tribe Workshop Photography series. We had a great morning filled with lots of great information from our speaker and then time to practice what we learned. If you want to see more pictures from the morning, just search the hashtag #createtucson on Instagram. And if you're in Tucson (or near it!) you can buy your ticket for the next session now!

After the workshop ended I went home to do some finishing touches on Andrew's bday surprise. We aren't able to celebrate his birthday on the actual day this year so I put something together a week early. Andrew loves puzzles and riddles so I decided to surprise him with a scavenger hunt leading up to a surprise bday party/ultimate frisbee game. The scavenger hunt was a huge success and he had a great time. Andrew is so good to me and the kids so it was nice to give something back and show him how much he is loved. If you want to see more pictures of the hunt, you can search the hashtag #andrewsjesusyear (because he's turning 33).

Then lucky Andrew got ANOTHER day of celebrating his awesomeness. Sunday was Father's Day and we spent it loving on Andrew. It was SO CUTE hearing Peter and James say "Happy Father's Day!" to Andrew through out the day. 

We went to the 10:30 mass at our parish. The kids were pretty well behaved, which we took as a Father's Day Miracle. Our church is still under construction (isn't it always though? haha) so mass is being held in the hall. I think everyone is finally adjusting to the new normal and hopefully everything will be fixed soon.

And a quick little pause for outfit details.... Shirt-Jane//Skirt LuLaRoe

Annnnnnnd we're back! After mass we went to my parents house for a Father's Day celebration with good food and lots of pool time. Like, lot's of pool time. Tucson was 115 degrees yesterday. Yeah. That one hurt. 

That's how Emma deals with 115 degree heat. Nap it out.

Sorry for that blinding white light that is my skin.

So that was our weekend! Two days of our usual crazy but with some extra partying. Summer is just the best.

Full hands, Full Heart,