20 Questions With Jenna Hines

I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend! I'm back today playing 20 Questions with another small business owner. Today's victim is Jenna Hines of Call Her Happy. Jenna and I connected over Instagram a couple years back. I fell in love with her delicate hoop art and no-nonsense personality. She's fun, creative, and a fellow lover of lipstick. You can visit her shop here and follow her in instagram here! Plus she's got some really exciting news on her insta today so you should totally head over there and give her a follow. Now without any further ado....20 Questions With Jenna Hines! Enjoy!

1) How did you get started in hoop art?
Welp, I've always loved creating and doing. Once I had kids, it was harder to pull out all of the supplies for my projects; I needed something contained. I gave embroidery a try, and it just loved me and I loved it right back.

2) When you were little, what did you want to grow up to be?
Ha. I actually wanted to be president...until I learned what assassination was. Is that not weird?

3) What is your favorite book of all time?
That is a horrible question! How do I choose? What if I just pick a book that had an impact on me? The first book I ever read that stuck with me was The Giver. I read it in middle school, and I was hooked. The most recent book I finished was Gap Creek, and I find myself thinking about parts of it most days.

4) Name your favorite movie from the 80’s. Why is it your favorite?
I'm going to have to go with Little Shop of Horrors. It was something we quoted all the time growing up in our family. Feed me, Seymour! 

5) How do you take your coffee?
I actually don't drink coffee :::ducks::: It gives me the jitters. But I do love it when I can sneak a taste here and there. Is that redeeming at all?

6) Favorite deceased celebrity?
I am so bad with celebrities. But, I will say, when Robin Williams died, it really had an impact on me. I'm not sure why other than perhaps I was being called to pray for his soul. So I do whenever I think of him.

7) What are three things you'd want while stranded on an island?
A loaded Kindle Paperwhite, crushed ice from Sonic, and all of the seasons of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.

8) What was your favorite song/band your freshman year of high school?
I was SUCH a Dave Matthews Band girl. I would say I saw them upwards of 20 times in my life. And I do still like them.

9) Star Wars or Star Trek?
Huh? Who? 

10) What is your favorite way to unwind?
I have to read a book every night before bed. Even if it is just a sentence or two before I conk out. It is just a comforting habit.

11) If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go?
Maybe the most boring answer - I don't know, but I really want to see places like the Grand Canyon and Mt. Rushmore. I don't know. They're just these Americana destinations that I feel like I need and want to see one day. And they are relatively close compared to other parts of the world, so why not?

12) If you could pick one song to sum up your life (currently) what would it be?
Definitely Here It Goes Again by OK Go. Now I just need to learn how to dance on a treadmill.

13) Favorite color?
White! White has so many possibilities. It's clean. It's fresh. It is a blank canvas. It is ready for ideas or stands alone. I love white!

14) What's currently on your playlist?
I have been listening to podcasts while I am at the gym, and in the car, I am a radio flipper. But, when I do take a minute to put on some music for myself, I listen to the Ladysmith Black Mambazo station on Pandora. I've also been throwing it back with some Ashlee Simpson, Lily Allen, and Mika.

15) Beach house or cabin in the woods?
Hm. Can I choose option C? Mike and I want to take a big risk and buy a working farm. Do I think it will happen soon? Probably not. But I just love the idea and beauty of the hard work of farm life. Getting your hands dirty and your brow sweaty is so good for the soul.

16) What is your favorite way to “treat yo’ self”?
ThredUp. And Kindle Books. Always.

17) What is your favorite bible verse?
I think this changes depending on my current situation in life. I like to repeat the words "be still" to myself often because I have a tendency to go full throttle all the time. But, more specifically these days, I like, "Keep me safe, O God; you are my hope."

18) Which do you prefer, online shopping or in store shopping?
Online. In the store, I get flustered because of kids and indecision and I'm usually hungry, so I end up just buying something without thinking it through. Once I bought pleather pants. Mis-take. Online I get to put things in my cart and think about it for the afternoon before clicking awayyyyyyy.

19) Where do you see yourself 10 years from now?
If my life was exactly how it is now in 10 years, I would be totally content. But, if God wants us to live in a tropical climate with an ocean view, I wouldn't fault Him for it. Realistically though, I hope we will be homeschooling our brood, and I will be creating something.

20) Who is your current inspiration/role model?
I get so much inspiration from everyday people. I might look at a mom and appreciate how she grows as a mother. I will look at an artist on Instagram and use her business model as inspiration for my own shop. I see people going through terrible hardships, and I admire their prayerfulness and redemptive suffering. I'm a people studier. 

And there you have it! Seriously, go check out her easy shop and pick out something to "treat yo' self" with! Have a great day peeps!

Full Hands, Full Heart,


Emma Clare: A Birth Story

This week I had my 6 week postpartum check up. As I sat in the waiting room holding baby Emma I was blown away by how fast time has gone. It feels like just yesterday I was waddling my way up the stairs (elevators are for chumps), and checking in at the receptionists desk completely out of breath. So before Emma turns 2, I figured it was probably a good idea to get her birth story out. I love writing up my birth stories. For the more traumatic births (looking at you Peter and James) it's been healing and for the almost perfect birth (Aria) it's a joy to relive...

The third trimester always kinda sucks. You can't sleep, you pee every 5 minutes, and you eat everything in sight (maybe that last one is just me?). With this, my fourth pregnancy, I found the third trimester to be one of the hardest to date. I'm sure it was because I had three other little people who need me and there was just simply no time to rest but also because ummm this was my fourth pregnancy in four years. My body was like "ok done" at 28 weeks. I took it day by day, nap by nap and just tried to be patient with myself. 39 weeks FINALLY rolled around and I was ready to roll. I had an induction scheduled for the morning of April 15th and I was like LET'S DO THIS THING. I had been having contractions on and off since 38 weeks so I knew my body was ready to roll. 

Around 4:00 a.m. on the 15th I was awoken by some back contractions and I knew that it meant Emma had flipped to sunny side up, that little stinker. They were pretty far apart and fairly mild so I was able to sleep in-between each one. At 5:30 a.m. I got a call from the hospital saying they didn't have any delivery rooms open so my induction was pushed. I almost said "totally fine, see you later!" because I knew it didn't matter, I was in early labor anyway. I got up, made coffee (obviously), and started to get ready. I woke up Andrew and told him the induction had been pushed but it didn't really matter because I was in early labor. Andrew gave me a very sleepy thumbs up and lazily made his way to the shower (this is what happens when it's your fourth kid). The contractions were getting stronger (like had to stop what I was doing stronger) but still far apart at 7-8 minutes. So around 6:45 we said goodbye to the kids and my sister who had come to stay with them, and headed out the door.

Then the worst thing ever happened. My contractions came to a dead stop. I knew that this was the real deal and didn't want to turn around and go back home so I made Andrew stop at Panera for some food. He went inside to get me some oatmeal and while he was gone I did lunges around the parking lot, desperate to get those contractions going. After Andrew grabbed our food I made the call to keep going to the hospital. My deliveries go really fast (James was almost born in the car) so I didn't really want to take an chances by going back home. I was sent to triage and explained my situation. Pretty sure the nurses thought I was faking because my induction was pushed and I was just trying to weasel my way in. I was 4cm dilated but my contractions were still no where to be found. The triage nurse humored me and said I could go walk for an hour and then reevaluate. She said all I needed was to either dilate one more centimeter or get the contractions going again and they'd admit me.

I was determined not to be sent home. I was practically running around the hospital. I was squatting and lunging every time we turned a corner. I WAS NOT GOING HOME. My hard work was paying off because the contractions were back and they were 6-7 minutes apart. After an hour of walking and contracting I made it back to triage. I laid back in bed and they hooked me up. 

Contractions stopped.

So then I slid out of bed, doing my best to keep the fetal monitors in the right spot, and began to do sets of squats. Andrew sat in his chair and coached me along. Pretty soon the contractions were back and the nurses finally believed me that I was in labor. I was 5cm dilated and they told me I was officially "not going home without a baby". Heck yes. 

However...there was still the problem of not having enough delivery rooms available. Andrew joked with the nurse that I could basically have the baby in the hallway and be fine. She laughed nervously and started to explain why that wouldn't be possible. I guess she didn't realize he was kidding? Anyway...from there things started to move pretty quick. It's like, as soon as I knew I wasn't going home, baby Emma was like "oh it's GO TIME." The nurse came in and said it was between me and another lady for the next open delivery room. We were both in about the same spot. 

Oh really?

Suddenly it was a competition.

Cue more squats.

I won.

As we walked over to the delivery room I promised the nurses I would be in and out of the room super quick and then they could give it to the next lady. They nodded and smiled and clearly didn't believe me. So I got settled into a lovely delivery room with lots of natural light streaming through the window #instagramaddict. Then my favorite nurse in the world and good family friend came in. She had rearranged her schedule just to make sure she was there. That day she was getting her push present (new tattoo) but had moved the appointment to later in the day so that she could help me get this baby out. Such a good friend. My OB then came in and broke my water and kaboom, we were in business. Then the anesthesiologist came in to give me the drugs *cheers and applause*. He came in wearing a University of Michigan scrub cap in which I immediately complimented him on. The man was about to stick a giant needle in my back, I was going to make sure I was on his GOOD side. We chatted about our connection to Michigan and other small talk. Then he was done. Now getting an epidural is not a walk in the park. There are pros and cons to both medicated and natural birth. Pick you poison kinda thing. Giant needle to the back? Definitely a con.

Anyway the epidural was in, I was feeling good, and the contractions were getting faster and harder. I was at 6cm by this point. We hung out for about an hour and then my OB came back to see where I was at. Helloooooo 10 cm! Everything was then prepped for delivery and it was time to push. After 4 minutes of pushing little baby Emma (7 pounds and 1 ounce) was welcomed into the world. Sure enough, she came out doing the back stroke. Baby girl had indeed flipped herself within like 12 hours. But that didn't matter at all. Suddenly she was here and on my chest, so snuggly, so squishy, and so blonde. Like really blonde! And angry. She was totally doing an angry cry. When newborns cry it's usually one of three things; sleepy, hungry or gassy. Baby Emma? She was hungry. That little eater nursed for 20 minutes almost immediately after being born and then passed out like a champ. After our hour of skin to skin, we were moved to the recovery room.

When we got to our room we were met with the most wonderful surprise. Our nurse/good friend had decorated the whole room! Streamers, banners, and confetti. There also may or may not have been a bottle of champagne waiting for us. We stayed one night at the hospital. Family visited and the kids met their baby sister or the very first time. Seriously that moment? When the missing puzzle piece finally falls into place? Incredible. Emma was then cleared for discharge and so was I. We were home Saturday evening and it was wonderful. After the births of my last three I always felt some panic and anxiety when we got home. But not this time. Just contentment and happiness. 

Welcome to the world Emma Clare you are so so loved.

Full hands, Full Heart


20 Questions With Theresa Delaney

Well well well... The long weekend is over but the good news is that it's a short week *throws confetti*. To help ease you back into the week, I've decided to roll out my new series on the blog TODAY! What's this new series I speak of? Glad you asked! Every week (ideally) I'll be interviewing a fellow creative/small business owner with 20 Questions. Some of the questions will be serious but most of them will be ridiculous. I think it's important that in this world of "Make it Happen" "Girl Boss" and "The Daily Hustle" we step back and remember that at the end of the day we are all human. Your favorite blogger or small business owner is just like you. They enjoy the same things and relax in the same ways. So much of our interaction with these bloggers and business owners is looking through the small glass window of social media and we don't really see the "whole house" if you will. Hopefully this series will help you get to know some of your favorite internet crushes and see that they're just like me and you.
Kicking off this series is my good friend and business partner Theresa Delaney. Theresa has her own copy writing business, she's the brains behind Photo Pop, and is the other half of The Creative Tribe Workshop. She's got a ton of business smarts but uses all her powers for good. When we meet up to discuss the CTW she totally understands when I say "let's go somewhere good for Instagram". Theresa was the one who helped me get Little Flower Studios off the ground too. So before I giveaway too much....Here is 20 Questions with Theresa Delaney!

1) How did you get into copy writing?

I have always been a total word nerd and became a voracious reader early on in elementary school. I was always that person with a really clever excerpt or song lyric in my instant messaging bio, and have had a Tumblr where I keep track of my favorite quotes since high school. 
In college, I learned about the world of branding, advertising and marketing and knew I wanted a career in that realm. I studied communication and marketing and went on to work at an agency doing a wide range of writing, design, and research tasks. When I went out on my own, I quickly realized that my passion and expertise truly landed at the intersection of branding and verbal communication. So, here I am!

2) When you were little, what did you want to grow up to be?

In Kindergarten, I had a purple dress with black and white fur at the bottom of the sleeves and a furry kitten face right on the front. I wore it on "career day" and told everyone I wanted to be a veterinarian. Then I learned that being a veterinarian doesn't mean petting animals all day, and I'd have to take a lot of science classes, so I moved on. 
I always dreaded - DREADED. No exaggeration. - the idea of being locked into a traditional cubicle job, so I had my fingers crossed that it'd be something creative and flexible, but wasn't sure if that was even possible or how it would manifest.

3) What is your favorite animal?

Dogs. No question about it. I am compelled to point out and/or stop and pet every dog I pass on the street.

4) If you could be one character in a movie who would it be?

I would be one of the random students at Hogwarts, so that I didn't have to be in the spotlight or fight anyone, but I could still, you know. Go to Hogwarts and have magic. I would also be Fang's babysitter for all those times Hagrid is gone.

5) Ketchup or mustard?

Barbeque sauce. On ERRYthang. 

6) Favorite deceased celebrity?

Biggie Smalls.

7) What are three things you'd want while stranded on an island?

Can I cheat and say an airplane, fuel and those water cleansing pods? No? Okay, my iPad with books/movies downloaded on it, a dog for company, and a lighter. 

8) What is one super random fact about yourself?

When I was little, I had an imaginary older brother that drove a pink Barbie car and invited me over for sleepovers. I even packed a little suitcase and had my mom drive around looking for his house once. I told her it would be obvious when we found it - because of the pink Barbie car in the driveway, of course.

9) Team Cap or Team Iron Man?

I want to say Team Cap ('cause that face, you know?), but I know if I met both characters in person, I would definitely be laughing at Iron Man's sarcastic jokes and rolling my eyes at Cap. 

10) What is your favorite way to unwind?

Does sleeping count? I sleep a lot. Aside from that, snuggling with my dogs in bed while watching Harry Potter. Preferably with snacks in hand.

11) What is your go to sleeping position?

I always fall asleep on my side, but have been known to wake up on my back with my ankles crossed and hands behind my head, laying-in-the-park style. 

12) Coffee or tea? Or neither?

Diet Coke is my #1 bae. I mean, caffeine source. But I do love a good iced tea.

13) Favorite color?

The exciting answer is blue (specifically navy) but I'm also super boring and love light neutrals. They're relaxing, clean and always look so great together! I mean, what's not to love?

14) What's currently on your playlist?

I'm on a pretty consistent rotation of early 2000s R&B, low-key indie and a few current pop songs. 

15) Where would your dream vacation be?

I've traveled most of the US, but have yet to leave the country. So I'd go with few weeks in Europe to explore Italy, Greece, France and Spain. I was really into ancient civilizations growing up, so I'm dying to visit all the places I spent so much time reading about. Lots of food, lots of ancient ruins, lots of walking. But no backpacking, there'd be hotels or airBnBs involved. DREAM vacation, guys. That means no budget.

16) Trump or Hilary? JUST KIDDING. What Parks and Rec character are you most like?

This is a tough one. I just asked James, and he said "Tom. Since you're an entrepreneur and into home decorating and good food." So, now I'm seriously questioning our relationship, but...I would say a combination of Leslie and April. They're all such exaggerated charicatures, it's hard to pick one that's not a little (or a lot) crazy! 
James, trying to save our relationship, does make a good point: Tom is the passionate idea guy, and I'm definitely that person that gets utterly obsessed with new ideas and it's really hard for me to not act on all of them. Did I even answer your question? Oh well.
Now he is saying a mix of Tom and Leslie. "That was a bad answer, wasn't it?"

17) Guilty pleasure?

Food. Definitely food. Specifically cheese, bread and ice cream. But I don't have much shame when it comes to indulging in anything! I'm a Libra, so balance is key ;).
18) Which do you prefer, online shopping or in store shopping?
Definitely in-store. I'm an extremely tactile person (aka every shop associate's worst nightmare) so I touch evvvverything I walk by. I'm also a sucker for a great display. When I'm not sleeping and have already driven my boyfriend crazy by watching too much HP, walking around my favorite stores is how I take a break. 

19) Where do you see yourself 10 years from now?

Have you seen that viral picture of the woman standing at the stove with a dog on her hip like a baby? If you haven't, find it, because it makes me laugh every time. But anyway, that's probably the most realistic portrayal. Cooking, eating, treating a dog like my firstborn. The norm. 
Professionally, I'm sure I'll have started about one billion projects by then, and I'm just hoping a few of them are successful and providing me with the security to keep traveling, buying books and going to restaurants (and adopting dogs.) As much as I love my work, I am very mindful of not letting my life revolve around it. I hope I am able to maintain that frame of mind while still producing results that are meaningful, practical and artistic. 

20) Who is your current inspiration/role model?

I've never really been one for identifying role models, because I've always been so set on carving my own path. I think my last official role model was Mia Hamm in middle school, because I played soccer and had brown hair and she did, too. It was a clear choice. 
But I would have to say people that are vulnerably and unapologetically themselves, and who are constantly pursuing what lights them up, whether it conforms to norms or not, are a constant source of awe and inspiration for me.

I hope you enjoyed 20 Questions with Theresa! And if you aren't following her on Instagram you should probably fix that. If you have any other questions for her, feel free to ask them in the comments and she'll answer when she gets a chance!

Full hands, Full heart,