Five Favorites: Notebooks

The best Places For Notebooks

If you've been following this blog for at least a little while you may have noticed that I have a paper products problem. If you think that my lipstick obsession is bad.... You should see my desk. ALL THE NOTEBOOKS. My love for journals, notebooks, and notepads began when I was 6. One Christmas my parents gifted me a small trunk full of blank journals. I filled them up and never looked back.

So here I am...many many many notebooks later. I thought I'd share some of the love and list out my Five Favorite places for notebooks, notepads, and journals.

1)May Designs

I discovered May Designs on Instagram (of course). I love all the various patterns but I love that you can personally customize each one! Pick what you want on the front and choose what to put on the inside as well. What a financial planner? A wedding planner? Food tracker? Blank pages or lined pages? They can do that!


My next favorite is Ban.do. Their notebooks are like adult versions of Lisa Frank. Bright colors, fun sayings, and lots of different kinds.

3)Rifle Paper Co.

I also really love all the paper goods from Rifle Paper Co. The designs are so vintage and delicate. Every pattern is so unique.


Anthropologie also has some great journals. A few years ago I found the beautiful leather journal. It's green with gold foil and I think it might be my all time favorite.


Finally, there is Typo. They have a store here in Tucson and it's a good thing it's all the way across town. They carry really fun academic notebooks. Plus they're always running deals so you can get a few notebooks all at once for less!

Where To Find The Best Notebooks

While I wouldn't wish my paper addiction on my worst enemy... I do hope you decide to snatch up a new notebook or two just for fun.


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Summer Essentials With Arbonne


Arbonne Summer Essentials

Sometimes I hate social media and how addicted I am to it. However, there are so many upsides to social media that far outweigh any negative feelings I may have. For example, meeting my friend Cassie. I'm not sure if it was through Blessed Is She or because I found her beautiful woven wall art pieces online, but I began to follow her on Instagram. After a few exchanges on the grams we became fb friends (totally leveling up in the social media friendship world) and I saw that she was an Arbonne representative. Now, I had no idea what Arbonne was. Just figured it was another sales company and other run of the mill type stuff.... However, it wasn't until I saw Cassie posting pictures of a conference she attended that I saw how it was so much more. Cassie showed me that Arbonne is really committed to personal health and what you're actually putting into your body and onto your skin. She recently posted a video from Buzz Feed that mentions all the chemicals the US is allowed to put into cosmetics. Lots of this stuff is actually banned in Europe. You can watch the video here (and I highly recommend that you do!)

As it turns out, Arbonne is actually made to the European standards. So you won't find any of those chemicals in their products which is pretty cool. Now I'm not saying to ditch all the products you're using right now. Nope. That's just not practical. I just wanted to let you know that there are other options out there in case you want more control of what goes into your body. And not just you, but your kids too!

So about a month ago I decided to order a couple lipsticks from Cassie (because of course). After some really awesome mom-brain and giving Cassie an incorrect zip code, I finally got my package in the mail. The day it came, I was out for the count sick as a dog, kind of pathetic. However, that didn't stop me from immediately putting on one of my new shades. You guys. It was amazing. This lipstick was incredible. I instantly messaged Cassie to tell her how much I loved it!

Pretty soon our creative juices were flowing an we decided to bring you a post on our favorite Arbonne items for summer!

Arbonne Summer Essentials

1) CC Cream

I do have a foundation that I like a lot but in the hellish days of summer, it feels a bit heavy. I hate that feeling of sweating off my makeup. And while I enjoy my generic BB cream, I was excited to try Arbonne's CC cream that Cassie suggested. I wasn't disappointed! The CC cream feels just like lotion and doesn't leave any awkward streaks around the outside of my face. While it's great going on, it's also simply good FOR your skin too. I've gotten several compliments on my complexion since I've been using it. Usually it's followed by someone asking me if it's a pregnancy glow. I mean fair enough. But I tell them no, it's just this amazing CC cream!

Arbonne Summer Essentials

2) Sunscreen

I'm sure you may have seen the article that came out slamming a lot of the most popular sunscreens on the market. I was super disappointed because a lot of them were the ones I use! Once again, Cassie to the rescue! She sent me some sunscreen to try and it's been great! It smells wonderful and it's not super thick or oily. I love how they call it "Liquid Sunshine" because that's basically what it is! Peter and James still did a lot of squirming when I was putting it on but they didn't put a fight at all when it came time to reapply. So if you're like me and bummed about your favorite sunscreens, think about giving some Liquid Sunshine a try.

3) Hibiscus Lipstick

So I already mentioned the lipstick a little but i wanted to say how much I love this color for summer! It's this delightful pinky-red and it just reminds me of fresh watermelon and fireworks. I'm not sure what the secret ingredient is in this lipstick (or maybe the secret is that there isn't one?!) but it's pretty spectacular. It feels like your favorite lip balm going on but with color. It also smells fantastic. Like "I may or may not sniff my lipstick before putting it on" fantastic.

Arbonne Summer Essentials

4) Energy Fizz

So I'm pretty much coffee all day everyday BUT sometimes I like to mix it up. In the afternoon when my army of small children are wearing me thin, I need an energy boost. Cassie sent me some samples of this delicious energy drink in the pomegranate flavor. It's fizzy and refreshing. I like to add it to a tall glass of water, with big chunks of ice, and fresh cut lime. Perfection on a hot summer afternoon.

Arbonne Summer Essentials

Ok so how do you get your hands on this awesome stuff? You can browse all of Arbonne's stuff here. Also, a week from today I'll be hosting an online party (fb event) with Cassie. You'll learn more about Arbonne, ask questions and place orders (if you want). And you don't even have to leave your house! To view the party stop by and say hi here! You can also enter for a chance to win a free lipstick (Poppy)! Here's what you need to do...

~Comment on this blog post.

~Follow both myself and Cassie on Instagram and "like" THIS photo.


~RSVP to our party!

Once you've done either of those things you're entered! If you do all three it's a triple entry!

Have a great day friends!



Five Favorites


I love three day weekends I really do. But then I have no idea what day it is for the rest of the week! To be fair, I hardly ever know what day it is, but even more so after those long weekends, I'm left a puddle of disorientation. See? That doesn't even make sense but it's the only way for me to describe it. After looking at my phone and planner 3 billion times I finally realized that today is in fact Wednesday. So here is a Five Favorites post! Most of these favorites were from a Target haul a few weeks back. You know the drill, go in for one thing and come out with twenty....

Summer Favorites

Mindy Kaling isn't one of my "official" favorite things but she is just my favorite. I've been watching old Office episodes and literally cry-laughing in all of her scenes. It's all I can do not to tweet everything she says. She had a great article in this month's In Style. You should really check it out!

1) Face Moisturizer

Face Lotion for summer

This Saturday we are finally supposed to hit 100 degrees. Ugh. May has been surprisingly cool but we all knew it would be short lived. Once summer rolls around I start using a moisturizer with spf. This lotion is light and non-greasy. I get healthy skin and some protection from the scorching AZ sun.

2) BB Cream

Summer skin favorites

I love my Bobbi Brown foundation but some days I like to use something a little more light weight. I've used several BB creams and this one is my favorite. This is actually the reason I went to Target. I squeezed the last out of my old tube and finally realized it was time to go buy some more. Love this stuff.

3) Baby Skin

Summer Skin Favorites

I've use a couple "skin smoothers" and "pore minimizers" and they've all worked pretty well. However, this stuff has become my favorite. You can use it by itself or under makeup. I love using it under my BB cream.

4) Essie Nail Polish

Summer Nail Color

I was looking for a flesh colored nail polish and Essie nailed (tehe) it. Actually I wasn't looking for that at all but I have been drawn to neutrals a lot more recently and decided to give this color try. It's great because then I can wear summer brights and I don't look (completely) like a walking neon sign. Winning.

5) Summer Scarf

Summer Scarf

Speaking of neon colors.... Found this scarf at good old Target and couldn't help myself. So pretty and incredibly soft. I'll be doing a post on different ways to wear a summer scarf soon so stay tuned!

Alright friends! That's all I've got for today. Make sure you check out some other favorites if you get the chance. Have a great day!