Weekend Notes

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Weekend Lookbook


Another awesome weekend in the books. We have a busy week ahead so it was really nice to recharge with friends and family.

It was hot. No surprise there. So I kicked off the weekend on Friday afternoon with a little citrus peach sangria. It was super easy (I'll post the recipe soon) and although I'm usually not a sangria person I really liked how this one turned out. It was more tart than sweet so I thought it was perfect.

Citrus Peach Sangria Citrus Peach Sangria

Then Saturday morning we got up as a family and went to daily mass. All in all the troops were pretty well behaved. It's just a noise problem with Peter and James. They refuse to whisper! We've tried giving them books or coloring books to stay distracted but they manage to make that a loud activity as well. So any suggestions on how to keep the noise level down with toddlers would be most appreciated.

After mass we dropped the boys off at my parents house so Andrew and I could have our very first Life Planning meeting. I was inspired to do this from Nap Time Diaries. Basically it's a date (or several) with your spouse to talk about important things, finances, kids, goals, dream etc. I'll do a full post on the things we discussed soon too. We barely made a dent in our list but we talked about the most pressing  things which was great. There are a lot of big life changes going on with our friends and it made me realize that we needed to pull back and discuss the direction we are going as a family. It was an amazing lunch date and we felt so refreshed talking about these important things. Hopefully we can do another one soon so we can finish the list!

Life Planning Meeting

After our lunch date/ life planning meeting we picked up the kids and went back home so they could nap. Later in the afternoon we headed over to a friends house for a little get together. I guess little isn't the right word... It was an evening filled with lots of kids, good food and drink, and community. I am really thankful for the circle of friends we have here in Tucson.

Sunday morning we were out the door in record time for church. It's been a long time since I've linked up with Fine Linen and Purple for What I Wore Sunday....so here it is! Oh and my shoes are on sale right now *throws confetti*

Skirt//Mindy Mae's Market, Shirt//Target, Shoes//Dillard's (on SALE!), Lipstick//Milani, Earrings//Vintage (They were my moms's in the 80's. So fetch.)

After Mass we went out to brunch with my family. I seriously love Sunday mornings so much. It's like this little bubble of happiness filled with all good things. Then a looming Monday comes up and pops it. Blurg. Well it was wonderful while it lasted. I hope you all had a fantastic weekend as well!


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Weekend Notes


All three kids are sleeping and it is HEAVENLY. They all went down for a nap without much resistance so now I'm making the most of this precious time to bring you my Weekend Notes! First let me say that this morning was not easy. It totally kicked our butts. I got out of bed feeling like I had been hit by a truck. I let Peter and James play outside for a little bit before it got too hot but that didn't stop them from destroying the house in record time.

// //

I'm sharing these photos to remind you that even though I take pretty pictures and everything looks nicely put together....I'm always pushing the mess out of the way. So yeah, just a reminder.

Anyway, I think when you have a tough Monday it's a good indicator of how your weekend went and ours was a blast! Even though Andrew was at the UofA working security for Steubenville West most of the weekend, we made the most of it!

On Friday I dropped the boys off at my parents house and ran some errands. Did a little Goodwill hunting and hit up Target for diapers (shocking).


At Target I snagged these little chalkboard signs for the Blessed Is She brunch I'm hosting in August! Love love love that little dollar section they have. So many good finds.


Then in the evening we ordered pizza, I enjoyed a cold beer, and we watched Toy Story. It was a quiet and pleasant evening. Considering it was 3 against 1.


The next morning we were up and headed down to campus to visit Andrew. But first caffeine.


The boys lost their minds getting to ride in Daddy's golf cart. It was adorable. They would say "Whoaaaa whoaaaa whoaaaa" with every turn. Also. LOOK AT THOSE THIGH ROLLS ON ARIA. #adorbs



Then I took a picture of my feet because I mean look at this floor. It was like saying "Instagram me!" So I did.


We grabbed lunch on campus with some good friends. Kate and I toasted to the fact the we were not at Edel but plan on being there in 2017. Ready or not here we comeeee!!!


The kids and I then said goodbye to Andrew and headed home. The boys weren't exhausted at all.


On Sunday we were up early and off to Latin Mass with my family. For the record...it was just me getting them ready to go and we arrived 5 minutes early. I'm mean, I'm not going to name any names but we moved surprisingly quick for missing a certain member of the family.....Just sayin'.


They boys were surprisingly well behaved and therefore earned a Mickey mouse pancake for breakfast. Brunch after Mass is one of my most favorite things on the whole wide world. For reals.


After brunch the kids and I had planned on visiting Andrew again but James dumped orange juice on his lap so plans changed pretty quick. Once we were home the boys were stripped down to their diapers because it was 111 yesterday and our house was a furnace! So no pants was really the only option. I caught up on some of my favorite podcasts and paid bills (boooooooo). Then in the evening Andrew was home and we just relaxed and enjoyed time outside (once it was down to 90 brrrrrrr).

It was a wonderful summer weekend and I hope you all had the same!


Weekend Notes

Weekend Notes: 4th Of July


I know it's Tuesday but before anymore days get away from me I wanted to put up a little post about our weekend. On Friday the kids and I went to the grocery store and picked up a few things. Thankfully this time Aria did not have a major blow-out causing us to go home instead of shopping (that happened Wednesday). We picked up a few things and caused quite a scene as Peter "followed" me in his little cart and begged for some random cheese he had grabbed. Yeah it was quite a sight. In all the chaos I managed to grab some flowers. TJ's called it a patriotic bouquet but it was totally red, white, and purple.

Flower -Barista Mommy

On Saturday morning Andrew took the boys over to his parents house to move some furniture. Aria took a gloriously long nap so I got to just enjoy the morning to myself. I even was able to paint my nails. Nothing short of a miracle.

Flat Lay - Barista Mommy

Once Andrew and the boys were home we got ready to go over to my parents house for some fourth of July festivities. I poured myself a little bubbly to enjoy with some appetizers before leaving the house.

Bubble and Sparkles - Barista Mommy

Once we got to my parents we enjoyed delicious bbq courtesy of my Dad and then followed it up with a swim in their pool. We waited an hour calm down.


He's ok I guess.

IMG_5039 IMG_5041 IMG_5042

It really doesn't get any cuter. It really doesn't.

Later in the evening one of my younger brothers dug out some sparklers from the back closet. Pretty sure they were leftovers from our wedding but they didn't explode and we had a good time.

IMG_5177 Sparklers

Sunday morning was nice and slow. I got up and made some coffee and planned out the week. PLUS put my first few clients in the calendar! Crazy pants. Thanks you so much for supporting Little Flower Studios!

Slow Mornings

After church we went out to eat with my grandparents. I ordered a "Cucumber Fresco" and it turned out to basically be a glass of tequila with cucumber slices. I drank it anyway. Didn't want to waste.


Then we were home and watching the monsoons roll in!

It was a really lovely weekend. I am so thankful for my family and this incredible country. America is not without fault but I can't imagine living anywhere else. I hope you all had a lovely weekend too!


P.S. The giveaway for a free Arbonne lipstick is still going!