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What I Wore Sunday & Other Thoughts


So happy to be linking up with Fine Linen and Purple for WIWS again! It's been too long. But before I get into that...A little bit (or a lot a bit) about our crazy weekend. It was basically like a college party here at house Starbuck, empty pizza boxes, spilt bottles, spit up, crying, falling asleep in weird places etc. You get the picture :)

This weekend was hard. I just felt like every time I turned around something else was going wrong. Nothing serious. It just seemed like Peter and James were constantly fighting, someone was always hurt, someone was always spilling something, and baby Aria was just a little extra fussy. We were on our own most of the weekend because Andrew was out of town doing a retreat for another parish in Yuma. So while I'm perfectly capable of taking care of 3 under 3 on my own, weekends where Andrew is away always make me appreciate this "two parents" thing. As a stay at home mom I eagerly await for Andrew to come home at the end of the day and I really look forward to the weekend when I can get somewhat of a "break". So when he has late nights or weekends away I feel like I'm pulling an extra shift. I start feeling like I'll never breath fresh air again or take a shower, or use the restroom without someone freaking out that I've left the room. The kitchen dishes get piled higher, the toy box explodes and the dirty diapers seem to be multiplying on their own.

However, God has blessed me with some amazing family and friends who are always willing to help me out. My in-laws came over Friday night to spend some time with us and help get the boys good and tried. Then on Saturday my friend Kate and her son (who is in-between Peter and James) came over in the morning so that the boys could play and we could talk (Kate's husband was away helping with the same retreat as my husband). In the evening I took the boys to my parents house and they once again played themselves into absolute exhaustion.

On Sunday Andrew came home. We had a very relaxing Sabbath getting to enjoy our sweet/crazy little family of five. After church we went out to lunch and the boys were surprisingly well behaved. Thankfully we were seated in a pretty isolated part of the restaurant because towards the end because James decided to start singing at the top of his lungs and Peter he umm, well he decided the middle of our section was a good place to fill his diaper. Thankfully we left before the stench had a chance to violate any health codes.

So even though it was a bit of a difficult weekend, it had a pretty nice ending. I woke up this morning still exhausted (as a mother that's just a perpetual state of being right?) but looking forward to the week ahead. We are jumping back into our little homeschool preschool routine and I found a new resource (wild and free) that I'm super excited about.

Now it's time for a big deep breath and a second cup of coffee.

WIWS: (Let's play a game...Can you spot the baby spit-up stain? :-p)


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I love this skirt because of the pleats and how twirly it is! It works really well when in that postpartum phase. I also just discovered Madewell tees and I'm in love. They're super soft and loose fitting. Again..another postpartum staple and worth the cost. I totally scored my tees from their amazing Black Friday sale.




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Dear Aria - 29 Weeks



Dear Aria,

29 weeks... Baby girl this happened so fast! The last month and a half has been a whirlwind. But you know that, I can tell by your constant kicking and squirming that you can sense the crazy!

I came back from my ultrasound today and when Peter greeted me at the door he patted you and said "baby!". He might just be starting to understand! When we ask James "Where's Aria?" he pats his own belly and smiles. Sooooo he still has a little way to go. Your brothers are so excited for your arrival. The other morning Peter was trying to put away some of your clothes, then he gave up and just started rolling in bed and hugging them. Like I said, they are so excited!

I don't think I've been this excited for Christmas since I was little! Seeing your little profile on the ultrasound screen just made me even more eager to hold you in my arms. You are healthy and growing so well. Your current favorite things are Sunday donuts after church and Culver's cement mixers with Reese's peanut butter cups. And because you love them so much, I happily oblige. 

Love you to the moon and back.



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Dear Aria - 23 Weeks


Dear Aria,

You must be getting so big because I have been so hungry! Things that I've realized you like....spicy food (specifically Cholula sauce) and peanut butter. Not together of course! But those are things that we must have constantly stocked in the house. 

We had another doctors appointment last week and everything is looking good! My baby bump is measuring right on target and your heart beat is strong. Next appointment is the glucose test. Yuck. But for you? I would do anything.

The mornings have started to cool down a bit. You love going for morning walks with your brothers. They just sit content in the stroller with their apple sauce and sippy cups  The walking always puts you to sleep. At the beginning you are moving like crazy but by the end I think you've settled down for a little nap. 

I also love how much you are moving now! Sometimes when I think I haven't felt you in a little while, I will stop what I'm doing and just sit. You force me to slow down, enjoy the moment, play or read with your brothers, and just be still. I love that about you. 

Your brothers still have no idea what's going on. I tell them that they are going to have a baby sister and they just smile and nod. I'm pretty sure Peter thinks I've named by belly button Aria. While James continues to use you as a drum, Peter has started "practicing" taking care of his baby doll. It's really sweet.

We love you so much baby Aria. 



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