For my husband, inspiration hits when he's driving in his car or taking a shower. For me, inspiration tends to hit right when it's time for me to start making dinner or I'll be on a creativity roll and then someone needs a diaper change! It's easy to loose that moment of inspiration. Then add in the mom-brain factor and I can barely remember what I was thinking. 

So I've been trying to be a little more on top of the "inspirational" moments. I either scribble it down in one of my many notebooks (I have a paper problem for sure), make a note in my phone, or take a screen shot of something I see online. That way when I have time to sit down (like right now) I can easily access those ideas. 

What do you do to hold onto inspiration? What does your creative process look like? Is it a notebook filled with sketches and words? Or do you keep things organized in lists and categories? Are there any tools that are vital to your process, like a certain notebook, pen, colored pencil, or inspiration board? 

Inspiration and creativity looks different for everyone. Tell us about yours!