Working For The Weekend

Once I started this business I realized something very quickly. It's really really hard not to work all the time. With all your sources at your finger tips it's almost impossible not to constantly feel like you're in "work mode". I'm always thinking of the next Instagram pic or FB update or how I can generate more clients. Having an iPhone is almost essential to running your own business but it is almost sure to ruin your personal life if you don't get a grip on it.

With that said, I'm putting in a couple more hours of work (nap time) and then closing the laptop. I want to really be present to my family this weekend. Of course, starting out a business sometimes (a lot of times) means putting in some work on the weekend and that's fine. It's just important to remember that to be your best you have to take breaks. You need time with family and friends to relax and just think about something else for a change. 

So this weekend I'm going to really focus on being "present" and I challenge you to do the same!