Are you looking to get start a blog? Or maybe you already have a blog and want to change things up a little? Then Little Flower Studio blog consultations can help.  I can help you find your blogging voice, give you resources to help generate revenue, improve the photography on your blog, and much more. Let's find your style and show the world your little corner of the internet. 

Bianca: Don't see what you're looking for? Or maybe you just want to have a little brainstorming session to figure out what it is exactly you need from Little Flower Studios. So whether it's a phone call, a Google Hangout, or a sit down over coffee, we can figure out what LFS can do to help take your business or event to the next level.

Price: $35/hr

Rosalind Package: If you're getting ready to jump into the world of blogging this is the package for you! Through a series of worksheets and a Pinterest inspiration board we will come up with a blog name, brainstorm content, identify your audience, plan out design, find your blogging voice, as well as many other important aspects needed to start your blog. Once the packet is filled out you will be sent a blogger profile to help get you started. This package included on 45 minute Google hang-out to discuss your profile and where to go from there. If you feel that 45 minutes wasn't enough, additional time may be added as well.

Price: $150

Beatrice Package: Whether you've been blogging for a year, two years, or ten years, maybe you want to freshen things up a little bit. Feel like you've lost your blogging voice? Let's find it! Maybe you want to learn how to take better photos? Let's fix that. Similar to the Helena package, you'll have a few worksheets to fill out that will help us pinpoint your blogging goals and what it is exactly you want to refresh about your blog. Perhaps you're just looking for a new design but don't know exactly what you want. LFS can help you figure that out too, as well as give you resources for quality web designers who are committed to their customers. This package also includes a 45 minute Google hangout to discuss your blogger profile that is generated from the worksheets. Additional Google hangouts can be added to this package as well.

Price: $250



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